Tradition on a plate by César Castro

Moving people to other places with a dish is a captivating idea, but moving people to other times, to memories of childhood, family, country, is something that touches your soul.

Chef César Castro believes that the traditional flavors add value to his desserts, because "When adding a moment into a dish, it becomes more special".He believes that spaces that allow an exchange of knowledge are important at the moment of sharing and highlighting the traditional flavors.

 "I have dedicated to learn from many professionals in order to bring these techniques to the local level, transmit knowledge and highlight the flavors of different countries"

Chef César Castro Chef at the Bakery Lab offers workshops to gastronomy professionals where knowleadge exchange is the most important element. "Learning and teaching in these spaces, which give people an experience that brings knowledge, is rewarding for me."

This exquisite creation by César is called "Jazmine Chocolat". It consists in a mousse of our Amazon 75% chocolate with candy center and hazelnut biscuit crispy. He recommends use this chocolate in decoration pieces, fillings or as the principal ingredient in ice creams.