REPÚBLICA DEL CACAO° was established seven years ago as a project in search of rescuing one of the most valuable Ecuadorian agricultural treasures: Cacao Arriba. The development of the best dark chocolate finest aroma 100% Arriba is the chosen path for everlasting this delicious sensorial experience.

The Legend of Arriba Cacao Beans

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The origins of the name “Arriba” given to the “Fine Aroma” Ecuadorian cacao comes from a XIX century legend that tells us about a Swiss chocolatier that while navigating along Guayas river, perceived a strong cacao scent. He felt so impressed by such special fragrance that decided to ask some workers unloading cacao from their canoes, where does this aroma come from? And they responded “de río arriba” which means “from up the river”. Since then, this variety of cacao is worldwide known as “Arriba” becoming synonym for high quality and fine aroma cacao.

Corporate Office:
Av. Colón E8-85 y Yánez Pinzón
Edif.  El Dorado 7mo Piso
Quito -Ecuador
Phone: 5932 256 1320 ext 37